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VISION: To Create a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Base for Progressive Society to Bring in Socio-Economic Sustenance.  MISSION: In Pursuance to Create Socio Economic Sustenance through Entrepreneurship Development

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NFED DAY: 27.03.2018
The Chairman & Presidium of NFED wishes you all a very Happy "NFED Day-2018".

Chairman's Birthday: 27.03.2018
The Presidium, Trustees, Chief Coordinator, Board Members and Volunteers wishes KVJ. Prof. Dr. R. Ganesan, Founder Chairman & Presidium Chair, NFED, a wonderful birthday! We, your team, owe you more than we can ever repay you for your pillar of strength and inspiring leadership!


Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

Theme: Entrepreneurship - Relevance & Related Advises”

Two Day Training Camp for Junior Students in Chengalpattu Zone, Organized in Association with Junior Red Cross, Chengalpattu Zone at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Chengalpattu.  Date: 29-30th November 2013

Resource Persons 


 KVP. Prof. Dr. R. Ganesan and Prof. S. Geethakumari


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